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BB codes

  • [B], [I], [U], [S] - Bold, italics, underline, and strike-through

    Makes the wrapped text bold, italic, underlined, or struck-through.
    This is [B]bold[/B] text.
    This is [I]italic[/I] text.
    This is [U]underlined[/U] text.
    This is [S]struck-through[/S] text.
    This is bold text.
    This is italic text.
    This is underlined text.
    This is struck-through text.
  • [COLOR=color], [FONT=name], [SIZE=size] - Text Color, Font, and Size

    Changes the color, font, or size of the wrapped text.
    This is [COLOR=red]red[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#0000cc]blue[/COLOR] text.
    This is [FONT=Courier New]Courier New[/FONT] text.
    This is [SIZE=1]small[/SIZE] and [SIZE=7]big[/SIZE] text.
    This is red and blue text.
    This is Courier New text.
    This is small and big text.
  • [URL], [EMAIL] - Linking

    Creates a link using the wrapped text as the target.
  • [URL=link], [EMAIL=address] - Linking (Advanced)

    Links the wrapped text to the specified web page or email address.
    [URL=https://www.example.com]Go to example.com[/URL]
    [EMAIL=example@example.com]Email me[/EMAIL]
  • [USER=ID] - Profile Linking

    Links to a user's profile. This is generally inserted automatically when mentioning a user.
  • [IMG] - Image

    Display an image, using the wrapped text as the URL.
  • [MEDIA=site] - Embedded Media

    Embeds media from approved sites into your message. It is recommended that you use the media button in the editor tool bar.
    Approved sites: Apple Music, Dailymotion, Facebook, Flickr, Giphy, Imgur, Liveleak, Metacafe, Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube
    An embedded YouTube player would appear here.
  • [LIST] - Lists

    Displays a bulleted or numbered list.
    [*]Bullet 1
    [*]Bullet 2
    [*]Entry 1
    [*]Entry 2
    • Bullet 1
    • Bullet 2
    1. Entry 1
    2. Entry 2
  • [LEFT], [CENTER], [RIGHT] - Text alignment

    Changes the alignment of the wrapped text.
  • [QUOTE] - Quoted text

    Displays text that has been quoted from another source. You may also attribute the name of the source.
    [QUOTE]Quoted text[/QUOTE]
    [QUOTE=A person]Something they said[/QUOTE]
    Quoted text
    A person said:
    Something they said
  • [SPOILER] - Text containing spoilers

    Hides text that may contain spoilers so that it must be clicked by the viewer to be seen.
    [SPOILER]Simple spoiler[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER=Spoiler Title]Spoiler with a title[/SPOILER]
    Simple spoiler
    Spoiler with a title
  • [ISPOILER] - Inline text containing spoilers

    Allows you to display text inline among normal content which hides text that may contain spoilers and must be clicked by the viewer to be seen.
    You have to click the following [ISPOILER]word[/ISPOILER] to see the content.
    You have to click the following word to see the content.
  • [CODE] - Programming code display

    Displays text in one of several programming languages, highlighting the syntax where possible.
    General code:

    Rich code:

    PHP code:
    [CODE=php]echo $hello . ' world';[/CODE]

    JS code:
    [CODE=javascript]var hello = 'world';[/CODE]
    General code:

    Rich code:
    Rich (BB code):

    PHP code:
    echo $hello . ' world';

    JS code:
    var hello = 'world';
  • [ICODE] - Inline programming code display

    Allows you to display code inline among normal post content. Syntax will not be highlighted.
    Inline code sections [ICODE]are a convenient way[/ICODE] of displaying code inline.

    Rich formatting within inline code sections [ICODE=rich]is [COLOR=red]also[/COLOR] [U]supported[/U][/ICODE].
    Inline code sections are a convenient way of displaying code inline.

    Rich formatting within inline code sections is also supported.
  • [INDENT] - Text indent

    Indents the wrapped text. This can be nested for larger indentings.
    Regular text
    [INDENT]Indented text[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=2]More indented[/INDENT]
    Regular text
    Indented text​
    More indented​
  • [TABLE] - Tables

    Special markup to display tables in your content.
    [TH]Header 1[/TH]
    [TH]Header 2[/TH]
    [TD]Content 1[/TD]
    [TD]Content 2[/TD]
    Header 1Header 2
    Content 1Content 2
  • [HEADING=level] - Headings levels 1 to 3

    Marks text as a structured heading to facilitate machine readability.
    [HEADING=1]Major heading[/HEADING]
    This text comes under a major heading, used to separate the primary sections of an article.

    [HEADING=2]Minor heading[/HEADING]
    When you need to subdivide the primary sections of an article, use a level 2 minor heading.

    If you require additional subdivision, you may drop to level 3.

    Major heading​

    This text comes under a major heading, used to separate the primary sections of an article.

    Minor heading​

    When you need to subdivide the primary sections of an article, use a level 2 minor heading.


    If you require additional subdivision, you may drop to level 3.
  • [PLAIN] - Plain text

    Disables BB code translation on the wrapped text.
    [PLAIN]This is not [B]bold[/B] text.[/PLAIN]
    This is not [B]bold[/B] text.
  • [ATTACH] - Attachment insertion

    Inserts an attachment at the specified point. If the attachment is an image, a thumbnail or full size version will be inserted. This will generally be inserted by clicking the appropriate button.
    Thumbnail: [ATTACH]123[/ATTACH]
    Full size: [ATTACH=full]123[/ATTACH]
    The contents of the attachments would appear here.
  • [GALLERY=option] - Gallery embed

    BB code for displaying gallery media items and albums.
    [GALLERY=media, X]Gallery BB Code[/GALLERY]
    [GALLERY=media, X]Gallery BB Code[/GALLERY]
  • [HIDE] - hide

    [hide]some text[/hide]
  • [RUDESHARE] - RudeShare

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