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Forum Rules

Welcome to the Babe Forums community.

Announcement: Currently several sections of the forum are moderated. This means that any new thread will not be visible to anyone until a mod has approved the thread content. Don't be alarmed if you post a thread and it doesn't appear. It may take a few minutes or even hours before it shows up. Do not post several individual threads! Do not post your pro threads in another section hoping they will show up. That will get you banned. If you want to start a new thread I suggest you start your thread and then come back and when you find it has been approved you may add to it all you like without needed further approval. Do it right the first time and you won't get banned!

If you try to hijack an already established thread to get around our moderation rules. This will get you banned!

If you use a signature please be sure to linkback to Babe

*** All persons in photos and/or videos MUST be 18 years of age or older. If in doubt do not post it here! We do not allow Stickam or Jailbait videos or photos on this forum.

1) By posting in this forum, you acknowledge that you will not post any material which is false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. No scat, real rape or real blood allowed.

1a) Avatars that infringe upon any of the aforementioned rules (are defamatory or racist etc.) are not allowed. The staff reserves the right to remove ANY avatar we deem as inappropriate.

2) The registration of more than one user account is prohibited. If you would like your name changed, contact an administrator.

3) Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. This is called flooding the forum and will get you an infraction! Use one thread to post all material in each section. It is cleaner and neater and easier to manage.

4) Stay on topic: extraneous questions will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.

5) The posting of copyrighted material is strictly forbidden without the prior notification of an admin with proof of permission from the copyright holder. Simply including attribution does not permit users to post copyrighted materials on the forum; only short excerpts or hyperlinks are generally permitted. Posts that are in violation of copyright, trademark, or intellectual property laws will be deleted where it is deemed necessary. Do not post or request pay-site passwords. If you are the copyright holder of any material posted that you would like removed please submit a DMCA report to the forum and we will be happy to remove it.

6) Posting spam, advertisements or phishing will result in immediate banning. In addition, do not use this forum to promote any other web site or solicit the members of this board without the approval of the moderators and/or administrators. Signatures may contain links to sites as long as you link back to Failure to link back will mean that the moderator will delete your signature without warning.

7) Always treat fellow members and staff with respect. You may debate a post without attacking the poster. Flaming shall not be tolerated.

8) Do not post your or other persons' personal information.

9) Post in the correct forum only. If you post in the wrong forum you will receive an infraction which may result in a temporary ban.

10) You must not reproduce, distribute, or publish content posted by other members without their prior permission.

11) Mega Thread Rule: We encourage serial posters to create MEGA THREADS unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise. Basically, you get one thread per section rather than hundreds of single threads.

*Some exceptions may apply like posting a theme thread of one particular porn star.
*Other exceptions: Celebs & Pro Photos
*You may have more than one mega thread if they are specific themes.

You are encouraged to post in mega threads as much as possible to make it easier for us to moderate and it will make it easier for all members to check your new posts in your single mega thread rather than checking out separate threads. Also, your threads tend to stay on page one longer so you get more views.

12) The moderators of Babe Forums reserve the right to modify or delete any material that violates any of these rules, or for any other reason that they deem appropriate.

13) If your image or file host is extremely annoying, contains pop-ups & redirects or malware of any kind it will be banned. (If you continue to use these types of hosts then YOU will be banned too!)

14a No censored photos/videos allowed.
14b http://files monster .com/ is prohibited. (see 13 above)

15) Never publicly argue with staff. Address any concerns or complaints via Private Message. If you still cannot get resolution, send a Private Message to the Administrator.

16) Do not ignore Private Messages received from staff; they contain important information and might require a reply. Disregarding staff instructions may result in banning. We reserve the right to terminate your account at anytime for any reason.

17) English is the official language of this forum.

18) Posting Guidelines: See below for video and photo forums.

Video Forum Guidelines -

18a Whenever posting a video please make sure to post a few screen shots.
18b Please do not post more than 5 videos per post when posting in our video forums.

Photo Forum Guidelines

18c If you are posting a collection of photos in a zip file please post 3 to 5 sample photos.

18d Please do not post more than 25 photos per post when posting in our photo forums. (We will make some exceptions to the rule if you have a set you want to post all at once with maybe 50 photos. 50 photos is the maximum per post!)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your stay.


Admin & Staff
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