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Forum Rules

Welcome To Babe

Everyone on this board must have an Avatar. Please choose on for yourself & use this link There are no exceptions to this rule. Then please post your thanks below, Thank You!

Asking Members to follow you on Twitter is strictly forbidden

In the world today there are many different Languages. As long as your Preview Panes are in English you can post in your home language. I think everyone can use the Google Translator

You must be 18 years or older. Please follow your own state/country laws;
You may NOT have more than one account
You MAY NOT use the forum for commercial purposes or post spam;
Do Not Flood Forums

VIP's must have post 1,000 vids & be a member in good standing. If this is you contact me

Forum Lords 5,000, then contact me

Please Post in the proper sections;

The Pornstar section has additional rules. If you plan to post there please read there additional rules.

Be sure to review each section's rules before posting in that section;
Use the SEARCH feature to locate existing threads in Celebs/Supermodels, Group Models and Pornstars | Models sections; add to existing threads whenever possible;

CAPS are NOT allowed in Threads & neither are Bold Fonts.

Link to Folders-Do you trust the host enough to keep your files there? Links to your files on another site that require members to have to buy Prem are not allowed. Links to folders are not allowed until your a VIP

Everyone except Probation Members are allowed to a have a signature. But you must link back to Babe.

Bold fonts are not allowed in threads & neither are any special characters. ??++==%*$#@

Effective Immediately and the like are NO longer allowed as Masks on Babe. You must post direct Links to your Downloads.

Premium ONLY Links are not allowed. You must have free links as well

The minimum size for Thumbnails are 250 x 250. You can post bigger ones if you want to. We require at least 1 big one before you post your smaller ones. Some post 3 or 4, this is totally up to you

One vid per post or 1 pic set per post-if you post mags please post 5 to a post

No Animal, Child or other sick (or illegal) porn. Keep it simple, clean and main-stream;
Rape content is forbidden.
Murder & Blood Vids are also forbidden.
Your Vids are not allowed to have any form of Blood in them.
Suffocation & Snuff Vids are also forbidden here.

All posts must be entirely in English language;

All links to file host must be clickable;

Do not post link to Filehosting Directory. Please check the thread "Our Hosts" to find out what "Filehosts are allowed.
Password protected files that are legitimately password protected are allowed;
Please do not post referral links to File Hosts.

Hot Linked images or sceencaps/thumbnails that lead to hot linked images are NOT allowed.

All Vids must have preview Panes, they should be Length, Duration & Format

Quote Tags are NOT Allowed.

You are allowed to post pics providing the pics are posted in the "Pics Only Sections"

In the Pics Only Sections, Download Links are NOT Allowed!

Do not post your or others' personal information.
Don't ask for others personal information or personal items or pics/videos of our members.

Contact an Administrator if you have a problem with any staff member. Attacking staff members (or any forum member) in public will result in immediate suspension or banning;

We may move, remove, merge or edit your posts without notice, in our sole discretion. When threads are cleaned don't be surprised if your comments disappear.

Do you have any doubts? PM a Moderator or Admin.

Thanks for reading & Happy Posting
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